Adorable Boy with a Cleft Lip Finds a Perfect Companion

A puppy full of love for him with the same condition

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Jackson County Animal Shelter — Michigan

When a young father went to the local animal shelter to look at chickens, the last thing he expected to return home was a puppy.

But when he saw a black and white puppy with a cleft lip like his son’s, he knew the sweet dog would make a perfect addition to the family.

As you can see from the photos, little Bentley, who is now two years old, was delighted to meet his new best friend. His sweet smile and the sparkle in his eyes made this moment very special.

Bentley’s mother, Ashley Boyers, is also excited about the special friendship between the pair of new friends. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the happiness on the face of a child. This story is really very moving.

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Jackson County Animal Shelter — Michigan

The father explained to ClickOnDetroit that seeing his young son “have something in common with a puppy means a lot because he can grow up and understand that he and his puppy have something that they can share.”

Ask for the team at the Jackson County Animal Shelter in Michigan. They are equally happy to see the “instant love” between the two-month-old puppy and Bentley. They are unique and unforgettable moments that are engraved in the memory of those who witnessed the event.

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Jackson County Animal Shelter — Michigan

It was a blessing at the Jackson County Animal Shelter when 2-year-old Bentley Boyers brought their new puppy home on Friday, September 4, 2020.

Bentley’s father, Brandon Boyers, came to the shelter to see the chickens she was considering adopting when a 2-month-old puppy with a cleft lip caught her eye. The family knew they had to take her home to show Bentley that he was not alone.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make it complete.”

Roger Caras

Dogs and children can be great friends, and owning a dog can help children develop kindness, understanding, and respect for living things. The company of the dog can improve a child’s social skills with people, and caring for a pet can encourage responsibility.

Bentley, you will have the opportunity to express all your love to your new partner, who will be with you in the early years of your childhood.

The development that awaits this adorable child is the reason many families have dogs. Children quickly understand and learn to treat the dog as part of the family, but it is important for parents to teach children how to stay safe with dogs, to protect both the child and the dog.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”

Josh billings

Children often treat dogs like their companions; They hug, hug, and scold them. Children express affection for their family through close facial contact, such as kissing.

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Jackson County Animal Shelter — Michigan

This beautiful story of little Bentley and his new puppy will also be etched in our minds.

“The only creatures that have evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and babies.”

Johnny Depp

I hope you have been able to enjoy this story, as I could also enjoy it.

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