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Thanks to everyone for your support

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Today Jesús Salazar reached 500 followers in the past 57 days.

Today is a historic moment for me. 📜

After joining the Medium Partner Program on August 11, 2020, today October 7, 2020, after 57 days, I have reached 500 followers! ☑️

I am very happy for this personal achievement. 🎆

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  • 4 stories self-published
  • 20 stories in ILLUMINATION
  • 1 story in ILLUMINATION-Curated
  • 1 story in Live Your Life On Purpose

Many thanks to Dr Mehmet Yildiz for the support and to the team of editors at ILLUMINATION and ILLUMINATION-Curated.

Thanks to Steve Spring from Live Your Life On Purpose as well for allowing me to post with them.

The important thing is to keep writing and improve the quality of the work.

The experience of being part of the Medium community has been very positive for me.

It has helped me to further develop my writing skills.

“It is my greatest wish that each of you can achieve your personal goals. May all of you, like me, continue to learn how Medium works and we can continue to adapt to the changes that the platform implements. May we all continue to share our content with the best quality and commitment.”

The race is long, and there is still a long way to go…

Next stop 1,000 followers! 🙏

“Thanks to all readers for your support.”

- Jesus Salazar

Thank you for reading! 📖

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Late night writer🌙 Internet enthusiast 💻 Active reader 📖 Researcher 🔎 Bibliophile 📚 “Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun” —Albert Einstein 💡

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